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Image by Mika Ruusunen

Push Investment Group was formed in 2016 following the successful development and construction of field scale solar assets by Push Energy.


The directors had the vision that by utilising the experience gained and capital assets recovered, the business could diversify into parallel sectors to increase the product lines offered by Push Energy. The business has now grown its portfolio of companies and now successfully trades in multiple sectors. It has always maintained renewable energy and sustainability at its heart and continues to exert this influence over all aspects of the groups business interactions.

Push Investment Group currently has 9 business units within the portfolio and is constantly working on introducing more to the group. The businesses range from those developed as a direct result of the early solar activities and formed through opportunities in this sector to business investments through acquisition and start-up support enabling influence over a wider range of activities.

We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio through either start-up capital or acquisition and we are always keen to hear from exceptional talent. If you feel you could make a difference to our business and our sustainable vision resonates with your own beliefs, we would be delighted to hear from you. Details can be found on the contact us page of this website.

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